We feature Minimally Invasive Dentistry!!!!!!

Minimally Invasive Dentistry is respecting the health, function and aesthetics of oral tissue by preventing disease from occurring or intercepting its progress with minimal tissue loss.
The most important factor in being able to perform this treatment(quick, easy,painless, no Novocain, no drilling etc), is to be able to diagnose the cavities early. Minimally invasive techniques such as " Air Abrasion", which we have been doing for about 22 years", have helped us set a new standard of care, where, " Less is More" is our motto!
Maybe more importantly, we are sometimes able to arrest and even reverse the mineral loss associated with cavities, if we can get to see these teeth early, before it's too late for an actual visible "hole", (which we call cavitation) to develop. The problem is that a great percentage of the population doesn't see a dentist regularly enough to find cavities BEFORE they become painful and /or a problem. Then it is too late for this minimized treatment, and often leads to premature tooth loss, and the concurrent bad feeling about dentists and dentistry in general. This can be absolutely prevented with painless examination of the teeth BEFORE the patient realizes that they have a problem. Let's not fool ourselves...dental cavities are DISEASE! It has been known for decades that dental cavities(caries) is a communicable, infectious disease caused by dental plaque, an oral biofilm, and by exposure to fermentable carbohydrates(sugars). These bacteria produce acid which demineralizes the calcium component of hard dental structures(enamel and dentin), and leads to infection and loss of tooth structure, and eventually tooth loss if untreated.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"....should now be thought of as a dental disease referendum! Please let us help you help yourselves, by scheduling a "minimally invasive dental examination" with the Village Dental Group.
Dr. Evan Scott Gross
Dr. Evan Scott Gross


I opened Central Square Dental Health, now called Village Dental Group, in 1986 in order to bring dental health care out of the city, and into areas where real people live, and want conservative treatment that they can afford. I have always maintained the motto, "less is more", and continue doing the least invasive treatment for the task at hand. (more to follow)

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